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Can You Afford Not to Go Electronic?

Published in Clinical Leader
Glenn Keet | Chief Executive Officer

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Benefits and Challenges of EDC Adoption

Editor's pick on Pharmaceutical Online
Olivier Roth

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Association of Clinical Research Professionals Cloud Computing for Clinical Trials                  

Conducting Post Market Registries

Selected by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals
Ale Gicqueau | President and Founder

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The 5 Essentials of Cloud Computing for Clinical Trials

Written by request of SCDM for Data Basics
Marc Desgrousilliers | Chief Technology Officer

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Clinical Leader Forbes

Top 10 eClinical Trends

Featured on Open Health News and Bioresearch Online
Olivier Roth | Marketing Manager

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Pioneering Cloud Computing For Clinical Trials

Featured on Forbes
Marc Desgrousilliers | CTO at Clinovo

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Clinical Leader Clinical Leader

CDISC for Medical Device Companies

Featured Article on Med Device Online
Marc Desgrousilliers | Chief Technology Officer

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Open Source Technologies for Clinical Trials

Best Paper Award by Clinical Leader Readers
Sophie McCallum | Director of Operations

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In the press

In the press

"ClinCapture is among the leading open source systems.
It belongs to hot technologies for clinical trials to follow."

The "Open source for clinical trials" White Paper
ranked #1 by Clinical Leader readers

Open Health News Clinical Leader


WUSS 2013


WUSS - Western Users of SAS Software


PharmaSug 2013


PharmaSUG- Pharmaceutical Industry SAS® Users Group


SAS Global Forum


SAS Global Forum

This paper was awarded best paper out of 71 in the coder's corner.


Clinovo Official CDISC Trainer