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The convenience of ClinCapture's On Demand Trainings facilitates sites’ learning around the world. Online attendees will learn to enter subjects, schedule events, and manage queries efficiently. Lessons are split into different modules to focus your learning on your function: Clinical Data Manager, Medical Coder, Clinical Research Coordinator, Study Monitor, and Principal Investigator. Students will be delivered an official certification upon completion of their training.. 


Interactive Dashboards

Your Essential Data in Seconds

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The Interactive Dashboards are designed to give an overview of your most essential data directly from ClinCapture's homepage. Users can select the data they want displayed on their dashboard through a simple drag-and-drop interface, which include event status, subjects, and discrepancies. Clicking on the dashboards will take users directly to the data source, providing ease of access and improved efficiency.



ClinCapture Interactive Dashboards


ClinCapture's Rules Studio




Rules Studio

Drag-And-Drop Edit Check Builder

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ClinCapture's Rules Studio is a graphical interface to build rules within ClinCapture, such as edit checks, without any programming or IT expertise. Users simply select their study and CRFs within the Studio and create their rules by selecting pre-defined variables and field types using the drag-and-drop interface.

Medical Coding

Officially WHO Drug Dictionaries Certified

ClinCapture is the first Open Source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system to receive the WHO Drug Dictionaries Medical Coding Certification by the Uppsala Monitoring Center (UMC).

Improve clinical data consistency: Users are able to appropriately categorize medical terms entered in ClinCapture. A new role has been created in the system: 'Study Coder' who can only access the Medical Coding page to code or approve/adjudicate the medical terms that were previously coded. This Medical Coding feature greatly improves clinical data consistency and interoperability

Rely on 4 medical dictionaries: The system supports multiple dictionaries, including WHO Drug, MedDRA, ICD9 and ICD10. Additional dictionaries can be easily supported upon request.

Save time with auto-coding: ClinCapture also supports auto-coding if a synonym already exists for a medical term.



Medical Coding


In partnership with

 Patient Profiles





Integrated and Seamless

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ClinCapture is the only open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) with an integrated, intuitive randomization function. Clinovo has proven its technological leadership by providing randomization services in clinical studies up to 1,700 patients. We are proud to offer this sophisticated and added-value function to meet the needs of life science companies.


One-Click Access

For Significant Time-Savings


ClinCapture features one-click access to routine functions like scheduling events and data entry directly from the subject matrix ensuring a streamlined Electronic Data Capture (EDC) experience. Hovering the mouse over any visit causes a pop-up window to appear where the user can access CRFs to view and enter data. Notes & discrepancies can also be rapidly accessed and resolved. This feature results in significant time-savings and increased productivity for your team.


ClinCapture One-Click Access

ClinCapture Calendared Events


Calendared Events

Automated Follow-up Visits

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Subject follow up visits are automatically scheduled at the completion of a reference event, following the study protocol. For example, once a treatment is administered, a follow-up can be scheduled 6 months later. A reminder email is sent when the calendared event is about to begin, and a query is automatically triggered for missed events according to a pre-defined timeframe.


Dynamic Groups

To Split Subjects Into Treatment Arms

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Dynamic groups allows you to split subjects into several groups depending on the treatment they receive. ClinCapture was recently utilized for an oncology study consisting of 1,700 patients who were split into two groups. This meant that study monitors needed to enter data in two different sets of CRFs. To avoid errors and reduce data entry time, the dynamic groups function ensured that they only accessed the relevant CRFs.


ClinCapture Dynamic Groups


ClinCapture Data Imports and Exports


Data Import & Export

Simplified Data Manipulation


ClinCapture gives the ability to create custom datasets in a number of formats, including SAS, as well as CDISC, ODM, XML, and SPSS. ClinCapture also gives you the ability to export your data to SAS datasets, excel spreadsheets, tab-delimited text, SPSS data and syntax, or simply view as HTML.


Multiple Language Support for ClinCapture

Localization aims to meet your needs across borders by providing ClinCapture in multiple languages. Our Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system has been used in the United States, Europe, and Asia, including clinical studies with over 10,000 patients and global multi-site trials. Current supported languages are: Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Farsi, Italian, and Spanish.



ClinCapture Localization


Integrated eClinical Suite

Extended Capabilities to Meet Your Needs







BioSpecimen Safety CDISC Reporting Offline




 I was amazed to see how easy the new release of ClinCapture was to use. I already thought ClinCapture was a great open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, but this new release is absolutely fantastic.

Stetson Line, Senior Manager of Clinical Programming, Genentech

ClinCapture Case Studies

Clinovo was able to leverage their know-how in open source Electronic Data Capture to deliver a cost-efficient solution tailored to our specific needs.

Director of Clinical Affairs, Medical Device Company


ClinCapture Virtual Update


ClinCapture Virtual Update is your monthly 20-min update to explore the latest innovations in the system. Presented by CTO Marc Desgrousilliers, it includes a sneak peek of ClinCapture's upcoming features and a Q&A session.

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