ClinCapture is the most advanced open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system available on the market. ClinCapture provides an intuitive table navigation, reduces roles complexity, and gives One-Click Access to many of the routine functions like scheduling events and data entry. In particular, ClinCapture features a series of advanced features to streamline data capture and improve your clinical data quality and integrity.

1. Randomization made easy

ClinCapture features a flexible, easy-to-use, and safe patient randomization module. It is the only open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system with this capability. Clinovo has proven its technological leadership by providing randomization services in clinical studies up to 1,700 patients. The randomization function has been designed to perform its role efficiently and seamlessly while preserving data integrity and patient safety. Critical patient data is encrypted throughout the randomization workflow. Randomization time and results are securely logged in the study audit log to ensure 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy.


ClinCapture to OpenClinica Intuitive Table Interface

2. One-Click Access for significant time-savings

ClinCapture features one click access to routine functions like scheduling events and data entry directly from the subject matrix ensuring a streamlined Electronic Data Capture (EDC) experience. Hovering the mouse over any visit causes a pop-up window to appear where the user can access CRFs to view and enter data. Notes & discrepancies can also be rapidly accessed and resolved. This feature results in significant time-savings and increased productivity for your team.


ClinCapture to OpenClinica Intuitive Table Interface

3. Calendared Events for automatic scheduling

Calendared events are automatically scheduled at the completion of a reference event according to the study protocol. For example, once a treatment is administered a follow-up can be scheduled 6 months later. A reminder email is sent when the calendared event is about to begin. A query is automatically triggered for missed events according to pre-defined timeframe. ClinCapture works for you by helping manage your clinical trials' schedules.


ClinCapture to OpenClinica Intuitive Table Interface

4. Dynamic Groups to split subjects into groups and minimize data entry

Dynamic groups allows you to split subjects into several groups depending on the treatment they receive. ClinCapture was recently utilized for an oncology study consisting of 1,700 patients who were split in to two groups. This meant that study monitors needed to enter data in two different sets of CRFs. To avoid errors and reduce data entry time, the dynamic groups function ensured that they only accessed the relevant CRFs.


5. SAS Datasets to easily manipulate your data

ClinCapture gives you the ability to create custom datasets in any number of formats, including SAS, as well as CDISC ODM XML and SPSS. In particular, our OpenExport™ SAS macros enable the automatic transformation of ClinCapture’s CDISC ODM datasets into SAS datasets. Any SAS program that invokes these macros can access ClinCapture data as SAS datasets.


6. Localization providing multiple languages for ClinCapture

Localization aims to meet your needs across borders by providing ClinCapture in multiple languages. Our Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system has been used in the United States, Europe, and Asia, including clinical studies with over 10,000 patients and global multi-site trials. Current supported languages are: Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Farsi, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.


Three Reasons to an Choose Open Source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System

  1. Forget vendor lock-in and license fees. As opposed to proprietary clinical trial systems, ClinCapture is free. Open source technologies allow everyone to access, use and distribute the code for free, which means sponsors are never locked-in. Clinovo offers services including study build, validation, training, hosting, integration and helpdesk
  2. Increase your clinical trial efficiency and reduce your costs. Open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) offers a cost-efficient alternative to commercial systems: When compared, ClinCapture is 33% less expensive than paper based trials and shows considerable savings compared to other proprietary EDC systems.
  3. Join ClinCapture's community and build the best system for you. ClinCapture is constantly enhanced by a growing community of users, collaborating with talented and passionate developers. You are invited to propose enhancements and new features on the forum. Developers are invited to download ClinCapture and contribute their code.



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Integrated Modules to Extend your Capabilities

ClinCapture integrates with a suite of premium modules that perfectly complement your Electronic Data Capture (EDC) needs. ClinCapture’s eClinical suite broadens your possibilities by offering randomization, offline data entry, medical coding, and many more integrated modules to streamline your clinical trials.





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Steady Customer Satisfaction

Three sponsor companies have secured FDA approval using ClinCapture as their preferred Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. ClinCapture is suited for any clinical trial phase and therapeutic area, and has been deployed for studies from five patients to tens of thousands of patients, showcasing the reliability and stability of the system. You are invited to read our case studies to learn about ClinCapture's ease-of-use and unmatched cost-efficiency.



 I was amazed to see how easy the new release of ClinCapture was to use. I already thought ClinCapture was a great open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, but this new release is absolutely fantastic.

Stetson Line, Senior Manager of Clinical Programming, Genentech

ClinCapture Case Studies

Clinovo was able to leverage their know-how in open source Electronic Data Capture to deliver a cost-efficient solution tailored to our specific needs.

Director of Clinical Affairs, Medical Device Company


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