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Presented by Clinovo's Senior EDC Manager Tom Hickerson, ClinCapture Virtual Update is our online live demonstration of the latest innovations in the system. It includes a sneak peek of ClinCapture's upcoming features and a Q&A session. View previous virtual updates.



Date / Time
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Thursday, March 26th, 2015
10am - 11am PST
1pm - 2pm EST


New ClinCapture Builder Demonstration

Use our intuitive drag and drop CRF builder to build and deploy your study faster!

Once deployed, you will be able to add any number of complex edit checks to your CRFs.
With our new ClinCapture builder, you will create your study in minutes, build and deploy your CRFs in a matter of days, and manage all your studies from one central location.


On Demand: ClinCapture 2.0 Demonstration

ClinCaptureIn this ClinCapture Virtual Update, Tom Hickerson, Senior EDC Manager at Clinovo, commemorates the launch of ClinCapture 2.0 with an in-depth overview of its latest features. Sit back and relax as Tom guides you through ClinCapture's latest enhancements including Interactive Dashboards, Medical Coding, our drag-and-drop edit check builder 'Rules Studio', SAS Extracts, Randomization, as well as numerous workflow enhancements.


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Tom Hickerson Senior EDC Manager

Tom Hickerson
Sr EDC Manager at Clinovo


On Demand: Clinical Trials in the Cloud: A New Paradigm?


Clinovo CTO, Marc Desgrousilliers, presents the #2 ranked presentation 'Clinical Trials in the Cloud: A New Paradigm?' that he delivered at SCDM 2013.

Clouds are slowly permeating into the design, management and execution of clinical trials. In this session, we will define the various types of Clouds and explore the benefits of using Cloud-based applications such as CTMS, EDC, ePRO and Randomization. We will also discuss the challenges of accessing data stored in the Cloud and other regulatory concerns. This session will help you decide whether or not Cloud-based services are appropriate for your study.


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Marc Desgrousilliers CTO at Clinovo

Marc Desgrousilliers
CTO at Clinovo

On Demand: The Changing Role of the Clinical Data Manager (CDM)


The evolution of technologies in clinical trials leads to a redefinition of the CDM role. The fast-pace adoption of EDC systems reduces the overhead of manual cleaning tasks and time-consuming back-and-forths. As a result, CDMs are asked to handle a far greater volume of complex data streams. They are also expected to spot and solve problems at earlier stages, and to collaborate with statisticians and site monitors to set specifications for validation and edit checks prior to data collection. CDMs are becoming a key cross-road and take on the role of information providers in their organization with the sponsor and sites. They need to understand the entire clinical development spectrum and how data fits.

Today, Clinical Data Managers are not only Clinical Data Managers, they can also be projects managers, programmers and in some cases medical managers, quality or regulatory experts. This inflation of competencies lead to the development of a new generation of cross-trained CDMs, eager to match their skillset with the job market expectations. CDMs have been taking on new responsibilities within their organization and benefit from additional professional opportunities.

This webinar will benefit CDMs but also industry professionals looking for ways to understand and benefit from upcoming trends in the Clinical Data Management field. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion on the topic.


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        Jean Maupas Senior Biotechnology Consultant

Jean Maupas
Director of Operations at Clinovo






On Demand: Streamlined CDISC® Conversion and Reporting

Demo of CDISC Express®, our free CDISC®SDTM mapping tool
Demo of Comprehend Clinical, next generation clinical data reporting tool

Efficient clinical data reporting in compliant standards is critical to streamline clinical trials processes. This webinar will introduce two tools that work hand-in-hand to convert clinical data into CDISC standards and produce cutting-edge reports to streamline your clinical trials processes. This webinar demonstrates how using CDISC standards enables you to run faster, efficient clinical trials and to accelerate FDA submissions. It includes a demo of CDISC Express, Clinovo's internal SAS®-based application that automatically converts clinical data to CDISC SDTM.

This webinar also introduces Comprehend Clinical™, the next-generation clinical data reporting and visualization tool for the pharmaceutical industry. It integrates a native SDTM adaptor that understands directly your CDISC standards data. Comprehend Clinical provides a real-time unified reporting interface, intelligent highlights and filters, and interactive dashboards providing high level overviews.
This webinar benefits industry professionals looking for efficient ways to convert clinical data to global standards and run more efficient clinical trials.

- How can life science companies take advantage of CDISC® data standards
- Demo of CDISC® Express, Clinovo's internal SAS-based mapping system
- Demo of Comprehend Clinical, next generation clinical data reporting tool
- Q&A session


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CDISC Express and Comprehend Clinical

Ale Gicqueau Founder & CEO at Clinovo      
Ale Gicqueau      
President & CEO  at Clinovo    

And Rick Morrison
Founder & CEO at Comprehend Systems

On Demand: An IOM application to easily produce sophisticated tables


Clinovo introduces an IOM (Integrated Object Model) application package capable of generating production tables in any table format you can ever mockup in Microsoft Word®. The basic idea is to generate a production table by using directly the content in a mockup table created in Microsoft Word®. The authors developed this application in a way to enable anyone who knows basics about SAS® programming, to produce tables presented in any complex format.

This application can be useful for all SAS® users who want to generate sophisticated tables with minimum SAS® programming resources, skills or budget.

- TLG Workflow
- Separation of Presentation and Content
- SAS IOM in MS Word
- Demo
- Compare with Other Application Solutions
- Conclusion


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Jian Dai, Data Scientist at Genentech

Jian Dai
Data Scientist at Genentech