The 5 Essentials of Cloud Computing for Clinical Trials
by Chief Technology Officer , Clinovo

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The five essential characteristics of cloud computing may not be considered breaking news, however their application in the world of life science companies still remains somewhat unchartered territory. It wasn’t until 2011, (and it took over two years and 15 drafts) that these five essential characteristics were finally defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) but we now have a clear set of parameters that must be met in order for a service to be deemed to be truly ‘cloud.’ In the 16th and final version of the NIST Definition of Cloud Computing, it is stated that anything delineated as cloud must have the following characteristics:

1. On-demand and Self-service

2. Broad network access

3. Resource pooling

4. Rapid elasticity

5. Measured Service

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